Should You Invest in a Timeshare?

Timeshares are vacation plans that have been around in the U.S. since 1969. Today, it’s a $9.2 billion industry, according to the American Resort Development Association (ARDA). That’s actually quite sizeable when compared to the nearly $8 billion music industry or Major League Baseball’s $9 billion in annual revenue. In 2016, there were 1,558 timeshare resorts just in the U.S., with an average of 132 units per resort.

A timeshare gives you a partial ownership in a vacation property. You can even think of it as owning shares of stock in the vacation rental. You pay an upfront price to purchase your unit and then an annual maintenance fee. This gives you access to the property for a certain period of time, which is usually the same time slot each year. When you are not using the timeshare, others with a similar interest are.

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The average sales price for a one-week timeshare today is approximately $20,940, with an average annual maintenance fee of $880, according to the ARDA. Most timeshare agreements are indefinite contracts, meaning that you’re obligated to pay the maintenance fee indefinitely, which is a big financial commitment.

If you want to use your unit on another week, you must “bank” your week and exchange it for another time or location. In the sales pitch (I had the misfortune of attending one), the resort mentioned it’s no longer doing week-based timeshares. It’s now a points-based system. You get X number of points per year when you buy a unit and can then use it any way you choose.

These days, timeshares increasingly operate on a points system, which gives users more flexibility with where and when they travel. For example, the Hilton Grand Vacation Club program gives you points that can be used any time during the calendar year at a Hilton Grand Vacation Club property, a Hilton brand hotel, or through, a vacation exchange network. The club also recently added cruise and camping options in exchange for points. Members can roll over points from the previous year or dip into points from the year ahead.

Joyce Baki, a tourism specialist in Southern Maryland, and her husband bought a timeshare in Las Vegas through the club about eight years ago. Since the purchase, they have used points to stay at Hilton hotels throughout the country. “In the past nine months, we spent five days in Orlando and four days in Vegas, and brought friends with us both times,” Baku says.

Thinking about purchasing a timeshare? U.S. News spoke to timeshare owners, financial advisers, and industry representatives to help you identify the costs, benefits, and drawbacks of owning a timeshare.

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Pro: Save on travel expenses. Marilyn Belleghem, a marriage and family therapist from Ontario, Canada, appreciates that her timeshares come equipped with a full kitchen and laundry facilities. She says she saves by cutting out extra expenses, like paying for a coin-operated washer-dryer. Access to a full kitchen also enables timeshare owners to stay in more often to make home-cooked meals.

Moreover, most timeshares come fully furnished, which will save you a lot of money you’d otherwise spend on decor and furnishings if you were to purchase a vacation property.

Con: Timeshares can be difficult to unload. Jill Etesse, owner of a mobile app development firm outside of Washington, D.C., inherited her parents’ Vail, Colo., timeshare in the 1980s. The timeshare seemed like a good idea at the time of purchase, but when the family moved to Washington, D.C., in 1986, they found it difficult to make the trek back to Vail each year. Etesse has tried to exchange the property online over the years, but she hasn’t had much luck. She doesn’t think she would get much for selling the timeshare, so for now, she’s saddled with a $300 annual maintenance fee.

35 Photos That Prove Walmart Is One of the Strangest Places On the Planet

Walmart is great if you want to get paper towel, electronics, and cereal rather cheap, but the real riches come in the form of the people that you see there.

Long story short, there’s always a story, and half of the time you could swear you saw that story told on a recent episode of Maury Povich. That’s to say that the crowd is…interesting, and if you need any more proof, check out some of these shots from People of Walmart.

If there’s a whole website dedicated to this crowd, you know it has to be so bad it’s good. 

10 Of Hottest Female Models On Instagram

Instagram, for those who have been living under a rock for the past five years, is essentially a social media platform for sharing pictures and videos. The company was bought by Facebook back in 2012 for an estimated $1 billion, with over 300 million active members as of December 2014. There are plenty of gorgeous women on Instagram, posting images of themselves daily. Here are just a few of the hottest models who are currently on Instagram, with their usernames attached so you can follow them.

Nina Agdal, @ninaagdal

Nina Agdal is a Denmark native who has worked with Sports Illustrated, Aerie and Bebe. Agdal has over 955,000 followers on Instagram, and regularly uploads sexy images of herself on the platform.

Jourdan Dunn, @officialjdunn

Jourdan Dunn, who can be found on Instagram @officialjdunn, is a British model and the face of Maybelline. She has her own YouTube channel, which is focused on cooking. She has over 1.3 million followers on Instagram, and regularly uploads images of the food she cooks, gorgeous images of herself and even photoshoots with Naomi Campbell.

Liu Wen, @liuwenlw

Liu Wen was the first Chinese model to ever walk in Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. Wen currently has over 1.3 million followers on Instagram and regularly uploads images of herself and things she loves.

Ashley Graham, @theashleygraham

Ashley Graham is an American model from Nebraska and is known for modelling the plus-sized clothing store Lane Bryant. She currently has over 700,000 followers on Instagram, and posts a lot of sexy images of herself.

Karlie Kloss, @karliekloss

Karlie Kloss is an American fashion model, who was a Victoria’s Secret Angel from 2013 to 2015. She has over 3.3 million followers on Instagram, even more of a reason for you to follower her.

Anja Rubik, @anja_rubik

Anja Rubik currently has over 470,000 followers on Instagram. She is a Polish model and has modeled for designers such as Victoria’s Secret, Christian Dior, Armani and Chanel. As an added bonus, she’s got her Snapchat on her Instagram page; Anja.Rubick.

Emily DiDonato, @emilydidonato1

Emily DiDonato has close to 700,000 followers on Instagram, and rightfully so; she’s smoking hot! In 2009, DiDonato was signed as the face of Maybelline New York, and in the same year began modeling for Victoria’s Secret.

Gigi Hadid, @gigihadid

Gigi Hadid has over 7 million followers on Instagram, and posts hot pictures of herself quite regularly. She has been named one of 12 rookies in Sports Illustrated’s annual swimsuit issue in 2014, and has also appeared in a few television shows, including the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Josephine Skriver, @josephineskriver

Josephine Skriver is a 22 year-old model who has been active with modeling for the past five years. She currently has over 880,000 followers on Instagram, and regularly posts sexy pictures of herself.

Lily Aldridge, @lilyaldridge

Lily Aldridge has over 2.7 million followers on Instagram and has been modeling for twelve years. She first walked for Victoria’s Secret in 2009, and became an Angel in 2010. She has also appeared in Taylor Swift’s Bad Blood music video.

The 50 Most Perfectly Timed Photos Ever

Photography is an art – but some photographers take this art to an altogether different level… where the images clicked by them can very well play with the imagination of the viewer.
Here are some awesome random clicks by photographers unknown that will make you look at these images at least TWICE!!! So are you ready?

1. With these fire breeding golden retriever dogs, who needs dragons?


5. Am I the only one who thinks this illusion is rather creepy?? Errr.. where did the head of this lady  go?


6. Undoubtedly this baby enjoyed this incident a lot more than the one who photographed it!!


7. This incident must not have been fun immediately around 0.5 seconds later! Oucchhhhhh


19 Hollywood Redheads So Attractive, They’ll Blow Your Mind Away

Men can have a fetish for any goddamn thing – hair included. Some find curls sexy while others get turned on by blondes. There’s another section that finds redheads extremely attractive and if you happen to be one such man, then you’ve come to the right place. If you’re a woman, you can still go through this list and take some cue on how to nail the look. Here’s a list of 19 of the most stunning redheads in showbiz.

1. Emma Stone

Not a redhead by birth, Emma Stone has been dyeing her head red. And we love it.

2. Natalya Rudakova

There’s something about those red freckles.